Best Tesla Stock Predictions From 2023 to 2050

Tesla Stock Predictions that Elon Musk Knows That Tesla Stock Is Worth About $10 Billion Less. Do not bet against Elon as it should be clear to everyone by now, by checking its records from PayPal to the present.

While no one can predict the future of stocks, it is likely that the pros are seeing something unbelievable. I got my “top three buy and hold” recommendations from two different reputable stock analysts, and Tesla was into both, even at current prices.

Tesla is not a “car company” and positioning it against Ford or Toyota means you are losing focus. Tesla is a technology company that is in an incredibly good position in many areas.

Valuation MeasuresValue/Price
Market Cap597.62B
Average Volume83.72M
52 Week High$402.67
52 Week Low$177.12
Shares Outstanding3.16B
Consensus EPS3.246
P/E ratio58.75

About Tesla, Inc. Before Investing

Tesla, Inc. is an American multinational automotive and clean energy company headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Tesla designs and manufactures electric vehicles, home to grid-scale battery energy storage, solar panels, solar roof tiles, and related products and services.

Tesla is one of the world’s most valuable companies and remains the world’s most valuable automaker with a market capitalization of over US$840 billion.

In 2021, the company produced the largest sales of battery-electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles worldwide, capturing 21% of the battery-electric market and 14% of the plug-in market.

Through its subsidiary Tesla Energy, the company develops and is a major installer of photovoltaic systems in the United States.

Tesla Energy is one of the largest global suppliers of battery energy storage systems, with 3.99 gigawatt-hours installed in 2021.

Tesla was incorporated as Tesla Motors in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning.

The company’s name is a tribute to the inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. In February 2004, through an investment of $6.5 million, Elon Musk became the company’s largest shareholder. He has served as CEO since 2008.

Tesla Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045 & 2050

YearTesla Inc.Stock

What will be Tesla’s Stock Price in 2022?

YearTesla Stock Price Prediction 2022

Tesla stock price forecast 2022

As Tesla’s database of mapping, and recording of driver habits and the environment around each of its cars grows exponentially, the use of that database grows as well. The information that sells for millions of dollars today will be worth millions in just a few years, and Tesla has nothing more to do than collect it.

My opinion is that the stock will be at around $750/share, which is not a big stretch considering the current price of around $600.38/share in December 2022.

What will be Tesla’s Stock Price in 2023?

YearTesla Stock Price Prediction 2023

Tesla stock price forecast 2023

If you look at the money people are willing to risk, it can give you insight into what the TSLA will be worth in 2023. Options are derivatives of stocks which means that their prices move up and down depending on the price of the stock.

Options are a bit more complicated than owning stock because market and timing volatility is also a factor.

Tesla’s share price will be $1312.57 in 2025.

What will be Tesla’s Stock Price in 2024?

YearTesla Stock Price Prediction 2024

Tesla stock price forecast 2024

At $800 per share, a wise analyst should assume that #Tesla will control 150% of the entire EV market by 2030.

It also means that every other automaker is out of business and we live in #TeslaWorld. Looking at the European market, Tesla has come to number six in EV sales. In the US and Canada, GM is making great strides to convert its entire fleet to 100% electric before 2035.

Tesla’s share price will be $1876.42 in 2025.

What will be Tesla’s Stock Price in 2025?

YearTesla Stock Price Prediction 2025

Tesla stock price forecast 2025

In just 5 years, Tesla shares are expected to rise very rapidly. Many now predict a value of $7k to 15k. Something even higher.

Tesla is already sold on its world-leading cars, the best batteries, and power packs for homes power walls, and utilities.

They have autopilot and full self-driving any day. There is also a huge demand for Hyperloop all over the world.

Tesla’s share price will be $2480.65 in 2025.

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What will be Tesla’s Stock Price in 2030?

YearTesla Stock Price Prediction 2030

Tesla stock price forecast 2030

Tesla will either be one of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the world, or it won’t be around anymore. It’s worth the gamble of a few hundred dollars.

Tesla costs the same as Instagram right now. If the Tesla Master Plan comes through, we’re not only talking about a top 20 market cap company, we’re talking about a core stay in our world economy and a lot more secure wealth.

Current estimates say that Tesla will end in 2030 at $5421.09

What will be Tesla’s Stock Price in 2035?

YearTesla Stock Price Prediction 2035

Tesla stock price forecast 2035

Tesla is doubling the production of its vehicles every two years. They will produce about 1,000,000 vehicles in 2022.

They will continue to do so, and by 2035 they will be producing between 15,000,000 and 20,000,000 vehicles a year.

They will have a full range of vehicles including semi trucks, pickups, sports cars, economy cars, delivery trucks, and of course the Model S, 3, X, and Y.

But the big difference in profits will be in the software for those millions of Tesla vehicles on the road and will put their gross margin above 40%. This would make Tesla the world’s most profitable automaker.

Tesla’s share price will be $10234.12 in 2035.

What will be Tesla’s Stock Price in 2040?

YearTesla Stock Price Prediction 2040

Tesla stock price forecast 2040

Elon is probably trying to run away by cashing in its $10 billion of stock and trying to quit as things start to heat up.

Tesla’s share price will be $14654.56 in 2035.

What will be Tesla’s Stock Price in 2045?

YearTesla Stock Price Prediction 2045

Tesla stock price forecast 2045

In just 5 years, Tesla shares are expected to rise very rapidly. Many now predict a value of $7k to 15k. Something even higher.

Tesla has already sold its world-leading cars, great batteries, power walls for homes, and power packs for utilities. They have autopilot and full self-driving any day. There is also a huge demand for Hyperloop all over the world.

Current estimates say Tesla will make $19987.29 in 2045.

What will be Tesla’s Stock Price in 2050?

YearTesla Stock Price Prediction 2050

Tesla stock price forecast 2050

If you’ve read Elon’s master plan that he posted over a decade ago, you’ll know he’s accomplished everything he set out to accomplish.

If you read his master plan for the next 30 years, it looks very realistic based on what he has achieved so far. They say past performance is not an indicator of future performance, but come on, it has to count for something.

Current estimates say Tesla will make $23649.78 in 2050.


FAQ: People also ask:

What is the future of Tesla stock in 2025?

For now, Tesla is a good one to invest in. Previously Tesla has done really well in the EV market and I don’t see any other EV company close to Tesla for a while, although many people are doing and have launched SVs but still want to go and catch up with Tesla.

The second reason is Elon Musk himself and his other businesses. Investors are loving him for now so everything he does goes high for Tesla

We’ll learn about Tesla’s future in the coming years, what new they bring to the table and how other EV makers perform will also determine Tesla’s future.

What are Tesla’s stock options in 2023?

1. Lucid Air (Tesla’s Best Alternative)

2. Rivian R1T

3. Hyundai Kona

4. MG ZS

5. Hammer (if you can afford it)

6. Ford Mustang Mach-E

7. Ford F150 Lightning

8. Porsche Taycan (Best Choice for Sports EV)

There are Chevy Bolt and Benz EQC, EQs, and more, but depending on the budget, one has to choose the right one for their vehicle!

There are Chevy Bolt and Benz EQC, EQs, and more, but depending on the budget, one has to choose the right one for their vehicle!

But for now, it’s a good-selling stock

Which stock is better, Tesla or Google?

Tesla is wildly overpriced in my opinion, trading at 170x trailing earnings. It has to be petrified to perfection or the price will be marked. a lot of risks.

At some point in the future, it will trade at 15x the earnings of other automakers. I don’t know if it will get there by changing the P or E of the P/E ratio.

Google is also priced high but has an almost monopoly in search as well.

Is TSLA a good long-term stock?

No one knows whether Tesla will be great 10-15 years from now. Anything can happen at that time. I bought 100 shares of Apple in 2000 for $26 thinking how Apple Computer was the best in the world, yet after holding it for 4 years its share fell to $23.

I sold everything thinking that there is no future in Apple (by the way, it was based on news articles that Apple could only remain as a toy compared to IBM and the like).

Well, you know how much it could have been if I had caught it. Then I started reading the opinions of pros for acquiring tons of MCI stock and AT&T Wireless shares, wondering if I was going to double or triple my money, would they go bankrupt.

Tesla has a brand identity like Apple which is a good thing. The only problem is that the competition will intensify with every car company jumping on the bandwagon.

The price of EVs will start going up and down, and Tesla won’t be able to compete until they drop the price so low that it won’t make any profit (not that it’s still making any profit).

This is a normal business cycle. To survive, Tesla has to develop a “must-have” type of product. But many consumers may not have this “must have” at the price they are selling, and thus remain as the product they “want to have” for most.

If Tesla starts making low-end EVs to allow more buyers, it will lose its “special” appeal to existing Tesla buyers.

Don’t listen to me, following my rule number one. But my own opinion on Tesla is not conducive to a long-term investment.

It just went through a wonderful 10-year cycle. Its current $1000-plus share price with no dividends and an uncertain future for EVs with the price of oil below are all headwinds for Tesla.


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