Best Amazon Stock Forecast from 2023 to 2050


Are you an, Inc. Interested in stocks and want to buy them, or are they already in your portfolio? If yes then on this page you will get useful information about Amazon stock price dynamics in 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2040. What will be the share price of Amazon in 2022 – 2040?

Amazon stock prediction in 10 years

Yes, Amazon stocks can make you good money — but it’s important to remember that stock prices can go up or down, and no one can predict the future. That being said, if you have invested in Amazon shares for 10 years and their value rises, you can see a good return on your investment. And if you hold your stock for the long term, you may also see a substantial increase in your original investment. So it’s definitely worth considering investing in Amazon shares for 10 years!

Amazon stock prediction results are shown below and presented in the form of graphs, tables, and text information, divided into time intervals. (Next Months, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026)


Amazon’s stock price forecast for 2022, to 2040 will be included. So let’s take a look at the highlights of the AMAZON stock forecast.


YearLowest PriceMedium PriceHighest Price

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2022

The estimated growth of AMAZON shares is assumed to be around $184.50 in the year 2022 and may reach a minimum of $163.00. However, our prediction says that the stock will stabilize at an average price of $173.50 in the year 2022. So, if you own Amazon stocks, you can expect them to go up in 2022.

Best Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2023

Best Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2023

Several analysts gave Amazon a revised rating after the release of its Q2 results. On July 30 — the day after earnings results were announced — JPMorgan maintained a ‘buy’ rating on AMZN, while revising the price target from $175 to $185.

On the same day, Oppenheimer lowered the target price from $165 to $160 while maintaining the outperform rating.

If you go by our Enumeration and forecasts, Amazon shares will touch a high of $230.55 by 2023, with the lowest price ever reaching $176.54. However, taking into account the stable market scenario, we believe that the shares will be settled at an average price of $207.21, which will still be higher than last year. So, get ready to make maximum profit from these stocks in 2023.

Best Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2024

As per our analysis and comprehensive market research by our expert team of experts, AMZN stock will reach a record high of $281.52 in 2024. Although it could decline, it could only drop as low as $247.53 which means it will still rise above the previous one. If the market remains stable and little changed, AMZN Equity would have an average selling price of $264.31. So, if you are a seasoned investor, 2023 is going to be a wise year to sell your assets and maximize your profits.

Best Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2025

Using our analysis of the excellent stock judgment, we anticipate that 2024 will be a great season for all shareholders who have put their money and work into Amazon. Shares’ record highs and lows are $372.50 and $318.32, respectively. If the economy, in an exceptional situation, maintains stability and does not move higher or lower, the shares will stabilize at $340.00. We would encourage every investor to keep a close eye on both equities and ready-to-buy stocks in 2025. Now is the best time for you.

Best Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2026

If you think about buying or selling Amazon stock in the year 2026, then it will be a very wise decision. However, since the market risk is always involved in any type of trading and investment, we recommend investing with caution. But, according to our estimates, the highest price for Amazon in 2026 will be $452.76, while the lowest price will be $367.67. However, the market remains stable and the economy supports it. The stock will maintain an average price of $410.32.


Best Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2027

2027 will turn fortunes for all Amazon shareholders. Each of your shares will achieve a maximum high of $538.12 and a maximum low of $457.76. However, if we consider a stable economy (which is a dream for many), the stock price would be $498.76. This means that the share prices will rise sharply in 2027. However, it is advisable to hold the stock for a longer period of time, as according to our calculations, the price may rise in the coming years. We recommend that you trade or acquire more stocks to drive up the price and achieve your goal of buying the stock by 2027.

Best Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2028

As the years go by, the price of Amazon’s shares seems to be rising rapidly. So, following the same pattern in the year 2028, we have the highest rank of $642.22 and the lowest sink of $547.21. We anticipate that the stock will set an average price of around $591.04 in 2028.

Best Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2029

The year 2029 appears to be very profitable for AMZN shareholders. The year will identify the highest record-breaking price of $798.12 and the lowest will be around $692.12. However, the stable market would give $739.56 to each shareholder. So, if you are an Amazon shareholder, prepare yourself to become rich in the year 2029. As we have mentioned, one must do one’s own study and analysis before starting these investment tips. Consult a financial professional before making a final decision, as both investing and trading involve a high level of risk.

Best Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2030

We anticipate major growth in the stock market by 2030. Analysts predict Amazon will reach $1,040 in 2030. The value of Amazon’s shares is projected to rise to $1,132 in the first quarter of the year. During the next six months, the company’s stock is expected to rise to $1,040 per share. Our evaluations and exhaustive market research conducted by various other economic experts and analysts indicate that Amazon investors always have a promising future ahead. If you have already invested to become rich then you have to be cautious and wait till 2030.

Best Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2035

2035 will be a rich year for AMZN shareholders. The year will mark a record-breaking high of $1836.12 and a low of $1712.12. However, the stable market would give $1879.56 to each shareholder. So, if you are an Amazon shareholder, prepare yourself to become rich in the year 2035. As we have mentioned, one must do one’s own study and analysis before starting these investment tips. Consult a financial professional before making a final decision, as both investing and trading carry a high level of risk.

Best Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2040

If you are investing in Amazon for the long term then you will be surprised to know what we have in store for you for the year 2040. Christmas will begin in the year 2040. No! Not the real December 25th, but one that you can celebrate in 2040 with the money you earn from your Amazon stock. In 2040, Amazon stock will have the highest price multiplier. It will reach higher levels of $5,523 and lows of $4,730. These prices are much higher than in previous years. This stock will maintain an average price of $5,140. So, say goodbye to the waiting period, and welcome the extra money!

Frequently Asked Questions –

What’s your opinion on selling Apple stock for Amazon stock?

I own about 200 shares of Apple stock and I was telling my mother-in-law that 80% of the time, the stock comes back after each iPhone release.

Source: Here’s How Apple’s Stock Has Performed After Each iPhone Release

So knowing this I told him, you sell your stock and buy it again at a lower price.

iPhone releases came and went, and the stock did what it has done 80% of the time, pulled back, still, I didn’t sell my Apple stock and neither did my mother-in-law.

The reason? Well… it’s just that I support the company. I think Apple is a great company to own and as long as it is a profitable investment, I will own it.

I am not into day trading, all my stocks are long-term investments and sometimes I go for speculative stocks.

I could have sold the stock and repurchased at the lower point, but I don’t regret my decision. The stock would eventually recapture its value after the release of the iPhone X. The Apple Watch is doing great with LTE (don’t quote me on this) and while I think the iPhone 8 will be a flop, I think the iPhone X will definitely lead. The strategy may be to release the iPhone 8 before the iPhone X, knowing that most people want an X. I don’t know for sure, but that’s another topic for discussion.

Your personal financial goals should determine what to do with the stock. I just wanted to tell you my point of view and what I did.

Is there a good time for buying Amazon stock?

It is always a good time to buy Amazon stocks.

Regardless of a recession, or bull market, the time to buy or short is always there. Every day.

All these things mean that perhaps your current portfolio is out of date, and you need to change. But that is what life is. Change.

You should never wait for the right moment. Statistically speaking, the odds are slim to fuck all you time it right anyway.

Is amazon stock a buy for Elon Musk?

I don’t see why he would want that.

At $1.2 trillion – even he couldn’t afford it.

Jeff Bezos owns about 13% of Amazon stock and I’m pretty sure he would oppose the sale.

Would I like him to do this?

No – even if he bought a 51% controlling interest (which he could almost afford) – that would mean selling more or less all of his stock in Tesla and SpaceX – which would be a major disaster for both companies’ futures.

What happened to amazon stock today?

Amazon is definitely a great company. Their business model makes them truly unique and they are able to earn good money.

I think your questions are more of “when to buy amazon” rather than “why buy amazon”

See, in long-term investments, I never recommend putting a lump sum amount. For example, if you want to buy 80 shares, you should not buy only 80 shares at once because we cannot time the market. What if the market drops further and Amazon’s valuation drops even further? Not only will this spoil your portfolio, but also because you don’t have cash, you won’t be able to buy it anymore.

So the best way to invest for the long term is to accumulate a fixed company for a period of time.

Take the same case, you want to buy 100 shares, then,

buy 25 today

35 after the fall in valuation

25 and if it falls more

35 more if it dips more

This way your cost price will actually come down and will help you maximize profit after the stock rebounds. But remember, allocate only a certain amount of your total portfolio. Don’t allocate so much that it falls even further, don’t take your peace of mind away!

Best wishes for your further investment journey!


Amazon has always followed the right decision. It started out modestly but has grown to include many sectors, particularly recreational and self-driving automobiles. It is a forward-thinking business with one of the best marketing strategies. At the moment, Amazon has over 35 affiliates, and each one of them helps it expand its global influence in a different way

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