How much do Uber Eats drivers earn in Australia in 2023?


Welcome to another interesting post from Here in this post, you can get information regarding the earnings of Uber Eats drivers in Australia and various popular cities in Australia like Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, and Canberra.

Uber is a famous company account that makes life easy for every person. One can order their food from their favorite food restaurant and get their food delivered to their doorstep.

So, working on this business model, Uber Eats has created a wonderful way of employment, where people can become Uber Eats drivers and start delivering food for this, they can earn money by picking up and dropping off food orders from Uber Eats users. can earn

Hopefully, you have an idea of ​​how Uber Eats works. Let’s get started and find out how much money you can make by doing Uber Eats.

Uber eats pay rates

Sydney$31 to $42 per hour
Brisbane$33 to $39 per hour
Perth$34 to $40 per hour
Adelaide$28 to $34 per hour
Hobart$29 to $38 per hour
Melbourne$36 to $46 per hour

How much do Uber drivers make in Sydney?

on weekdays you make $30 an hour and on weekends you make about $40 an hour…i was driving for uber 60 hours a week and was making about $2000…but I quit uber …

When I calculated everything and found that you earn about $15 per hour which is less than the minimum wage in Australia … the expenses are very low compared to … let’s say

You work 60 hours, you get paid $2000 a week…

$2000-($400 weekly gasoline)=$1600

$1600-(100 Gst) = $1500 (GST per week..each quarter you pay around $1200, so weekly it is around $100)

$1500-100 = 1400 (Monthly car service + 2 times weekly car wash + other car expenses)

$1400-100 = 1300 (On average you pay around $100 in toll which comes from the passenger but when you get paid it is included in your salary hence not earning.)

$1300-300=$1000 ( you are driving km of your car and on average uber drivers drive around 8000 km in a month… ie around 100000 km in a year…

So you have to take 300 from your salary so for 3 years you Can buy another car…) It’s like spending your car like money every time you drive…

$1000-50 (income tax weekly average)

$950÷60hrs=$15 an hour….

How much do Uber drivers make in Brisbane?

Uber drivers in Brisbane are paid $33 to $39 an hour; On a daily basis, drivers earn a little over $310 per 8-hour shift.

How much do Uber drivers make in Perth?

Uber Eats drivers in Perth earn approximately $34 to $40 per hour; on a daily basis, drivers earn approximately $300 per 8-hour shift.

How much do Uber drivers make in Adelaide?

Uber in Adelaide costs drivers around $28 to $34 an hour; on a daily basis, drivers earn closer to $280 in an 8-hour shift.

How much do Uber drivers make in Hobart?

Uber drivers in Hobart earn approximately $29 to $38 per hour; on a daily basis, drivers earn approximately $280 for an 8-hour shift.

How much do Uber drivers make in Melbourne?

Uber drivers in Melbourne earn around $36 to $46 per hour; on a daily basis, drivers make around $320 for an 8-hour shift.

Why do people drive for Uber if the pay is so low?

It’s almost the same reason other small percentages pursue businesses – they think they’ll be the ones who will make a lot of money on it.

Take the law Some law graduates get jobs with starting salaries as high as $160,000. However, if you can’t get one of those jobs, you get $60,000 a year or no job. In either case, you still have to pay back $75,000 in student loans.

Uber and Lyft recruit in the same way. They tell you how much you can make. You think you will work really hard and make a lot of money. In fact, when Uber or Lyft first hit the market, drivers do very well.

However, the reality soon emerges. As more people enter the market, the average earnings of each of them start to decline. Soon, the market is saturated and no one is making anything.

Plus, the fees you get look attractive, but you don’t realize you’re working less than minimum wage until you start factoring in expenses.

Now, Uber and Lyft make most of their money from “peak time” pricing – they charge more when demand is high (taxis can’t be like that). However, in order to meet that demand, they need drivers on the road.

During peak time, money comes to everyone and they feel that it is a good time to be here. However, earnings are much lower during off-peak periods.

What are good reasons not to become a full-time Uber driver?

Oh god…where do I begin??? First of all, let me say that I love to drive. I’ve always been a “car guy” and love being “on the road”. So, the following comments are coming from a person (me) who wishes driving for Uber would work…

Below are the main issues with driving for Uber:

1. Uber simply doesn’t care about its drivers. It’s pretty clear that they couldn’t care less!

2. Pay for drivers is near the “poverty level” (unless they drive 12+ hours per day).

3. It’s not very common for riders to tip…it seems people just don’t “get” the importance of it.

4. A driver cannot earn enough money for Uber to “properly maintain their vehicle”.

5. Fuel costs will consume a lot of your daily income (unless you drive a hybrid vehicle).

6. People can easily forget (or not care) that it is your vehicle they are riding (littering).

7. Your vehicle will be driven “in the ground”, therefore, it is quite hard (and $$$) to keep it nice.

8. The amount Uber pays for mileage is not compensating drivers properly… not at all!

9. Uber rates drivers’ time in CENTS per minute (for “waiting” for a rider).

10. If you wait for a rider…or stop for them (etc)…no tipping from riders is common.

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How much do UberEats drivers earn per delivery?

Uber Eats drivers earn $6.5 to $12.5 per delivery if they receive tips that increase their average earnings per delivery. In total, it takes approximately 10-20 minutes for an Uber driver to complete 1 delivery.

How does Uber Eats earn money?

Earning of Uber Eats Delivery depends on many factors:

Surcharge- If the delivery area you are working in is busy and there are fewer drivers in that area, you may get the option of a surcharge, and as per our own experience it ranges between 1.1% to 2.5%.

Time- Earning per delivery is also dependent on time, meaning how long it takes from pickup to delivery point, the driver is also paid for waiting time at the restaurant.

Distance- The earnings of an Uber driver also depend on the distance he is traveling to deliver the food. On average, every single delivery is $6 or more.

How to become an Uber Eats driver?

Getting involved with Uber Eats is very easy and the company has very basic requirements:

1. The driver must have a valid driver’s license.

2. Driver must be over 18 years of age.

3. Drivers must have an ABN (Australian Business Number).

4. The driver requires a vehicle and it can be a car, scooter, motorbike, or cycle.

5. Drivers must have a mobile phone to operate the Uber Eats Driver app.

6. The driver will need a hot bag (an insulated bag to keep food hot/cold).

How to Increase Earnings as an Uber Eats Driver?

Well if you want to boost your Uber Eats earnings try driving Uber Eats in the busy suburbs of your city Look for promotions Accept deliveries with a boom Accept 2 deliveries at once from the same restaurant Use the car to increase the number of saves.

There are many other things you can do to increase your earnings like driving during peak hours such as:

PeriodPeak Hours
BreakfastFrom 7 to 9 am
Lunch 11:30 am to 2:30 pm
Dinner From 6 pm to 10:30 pm
Weekend Fri, Sat & Sun – Anytime

So, when you are working during these hours you can prefer smaller restaurants as your pickup locations as they are less busy hence you have to wait less time for pickup, and thus You can increase your earnings.

Another thing is to avoid pickup from restaurants inside shopping centers as it will take you 15 to 25 minutes to find parking, find restaurants. All these things that we are telling you are from our own experience.

How to make $100 a day with Uber Eats

To earn $100 a day with Uber Eats, you need to work max 3-4 hours and make 8+ deliveries. The $100 target may be achieved earlier than expected if you get the tips.

How to make $200 a day with Uber Eats

Earning $200 a day with Uber Eats is an easy task, just spend 8-10 hours on the ground and aim for 15+ deliveries and you will end your day earning more than $200. People make $200 even faster if they get good tips, and tipping is very common at Uber Eats. We’ve seen people get $200 per tip.

Can You Make $350 a Day With Uber Eats?

Yes, you can easily earn $350 a day by doing Uber Eats. To achieve these targets you need to work for around 7 to 10 hours and need to do around 25 deliveries.

Overall, it also depends on how many tips you’re getting that day, but to be honest, you can make up to $350 a day from Uber Eats.

Can You Make $550 a Day With Uber Eats?

50-50, you may or may not make $550 in a day. It totally depends on how many deliveries you’re getting and how busy you are, sometimes it’s possible to make $550 a day with Uber Eats on the weekend, but it’s a little harder on the weekdays.

We have seen some people who have earned this much money in a day but not every day, and to eat $500 a day with Uber you may need to work around 12-14 hours and average around 33 Delivery is required.


How to make $1000 a week with Uber Eats

If you want to earn $1000 per week from Uber Eats then you can follow the method given below and you can easily achieve this goal.

Days + earningNumber of hoursNumber of deliveries
Monday ($200)8 15+
Tuesday ($200)8 15+
Wednesday ($200)8 15+
Thursday ($200)8 15+
Friday ($200)8 15+

If you follow the above table and set your daily target of $200 then you can easily earn $1000 in 5 days, not even a whole week. Just spend 8 hours on the road and try to do 15+ deliveries and then see the result.

As per our experience, if you follow the above table you can earn more than $1000 as Friday becomes a busy day for uber eaters.

Is It Worth It To Be An Uber Eats Driver?

Yes, it is worth it, because you do not have to pay anything to become an Uber Eats driver, and you can work according to your needs or money and your availability.

The Uber account is very flexible and they pay weekly, so you won’t have to wait more than a week for your pay. Overall, Uber Eats is a great thing to do if you want some extra cash for weekend fun and date nights.

FAQ- Uber Eats driver

How much can Australian Uber drivers earn?

If you are prepared to work about 60 hours a week, let’s say in Melbourne, you can earn $900.00 a week after all expenses are paid. Don’t forget: you have to fill your tank every day!

The turnover must be at least $1,600.00, however, $700.00 will go to expenses, ie petrol, toll fees and servicing of your car, and some incidentals.

Apart from those expenses, you will have to register for GST irrespective of how much you earn and you will have less later to meet some GST-related expenses.

My advice to anyone intending to get involved with Uber is to only do it on a ‘part-time’ basis and not drive at night, especially on weekends. There will be a lot of drunks around and your rating is likely to be low so you can easily lose interest.

By the way, there is more business during the day time than in the evening and night time. Ideally, if you want to take Uber on board, try not to work more than 15 hours a week which should supplement your existing income. Let the yellow cabs do the night work.

Is Being an Uber Eats Driver Worth It?

It has been for me. I have been running an ‘Uber account since I lost my job in March due to the pandemic.

What has helped is that I have previous delivery and customer service experience. You’ll need your best skills to bear if you want to earn your tips.

This is not an easy task. it is challenging. You’ll have some drop-offs in rural areas. You’ll have drop-offs at apartment complexes where building numbers don’t matter at all.

You will have the opportunity to get more money by accepting more than one order. You need to make sure that you keep food and drink separately.

Who Pays Gas for Uber Drivers?

Uber (and Lyft) do not cover any of our operating expenses, nor do they withhold taxes. As independent contractors, we are treated (insert laugh here) as small business owners and expected to manage everything on our own.

When you have state and federal taxes to pay, gas to pay, wear and tear on your vehicle in the form of frequent maintenance, and the likelihood of an accident, the amount of advertising earned by Uber and Lyft suddenly drops. It happens.

So $300 a night is nice, but I personally pay about 15% for taxes, $2.50 a gallon on gas, my mileage is right around the 22mpg mark (and often driving over 120 miles at night) And I just spent $170 on new brake pads, rotors and wheel bearings.

To save money, I’m replacing them myself. Granted, the brakes only need work every 20k miles or so, and the wheel bearings last three or four times, but if I were only driving my car for personal use, I’d only need to replace the wheel bearings the first time. will need to be changed.

Still an easy way to get some cash in your pocket by essentially trading the equity in your car for an interesting gig and a quick payday.

How much do Uber drivers earn in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia?

As Emily mentioned, we make up 80% of our week’s totals. The total for the week of the course will depend on how many hours you decide to drive and how busy the busiest nights are – only then can you really pile up the Scrilla.

I’ve been driving Uber in Brisbane since the beginning of the year and prefer to drive for a few hours on a busy night (Friday or Sunday) and a few hours on weekdays. I make an average of $200 for 10 hours.

There are people who rack up 30+ hours over an entire weekend and can make over $1000 total. That totals to about $800 for 33 hours after fuel and Uber’s cut of 20%, so you’re looking at $24 an hour.

Uber is also guaranteeing rates during certain hours. If you fall short due to a lack of pickup, they will top up your account.

The best time is definitely late Saturday night when you can get a guaranteed $40 an hour for three hours. That’s if you can keep up with the traffic. I’m fine with the booze, but the chaos can really test one’s patience.


The first thing I have to point out is that income is in a constant state of flux: Uber changes its commission structure, more drivers are on the road and which means fewer pickups, more drivers also mean less growth and Uber will gradually reduce their guaranteed rates. Hope you guys liked this post.

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